Hair Services

Haircuts (Women & Children)----$12.00

Men's Haircuts----$9.00

Children 11 & under---$9.00

Haircut & Style---$15.00

Bang Trim-----$4.00

Shampoo Only---$5.00

Shampoo Roller Set---$8.00

Shampoo & Style (Hot Irons)---$15.00 & Up

French Braid----$10.00

Up-Do's-----$25.00 & Up

NOTE - If Toner is used there is $10.00 added

Foils Partial---$35.00

Foils Highlites Full Head---$45.00 & Up

Foils 2 Tone Highlites & Lowlight---$65.00 & Up

Color/Permanent---$30.00 & Up

Semi Color---$25.00 & Up

Lighter Virgin---$43.00 & Up

Lighter Retouch---$35.00 & Up

Relaxer---$45.00 & Up

Retouch Relaxer---$40.00 & Up

Perms---$30.00 & Up

Spiral Perm---$50.00 & Up


Basic Facial---$25.00

Brow Wax---$10.00

Chin Wax---$9.00

Full Face---$25.00

Lip Wax---$10.00

Brow Tint---$12.00

​Lash Tint---$12.00

Lash & Brow---$24.00


Clip Nails Only---$5.00


Mani & Pedi---$23.00


Pedi Without Polish---$13.00

Paraffin Feet---$10.00

Paraffin Hands---$10.00

Acrylic Nails---$20.00

Acrylic Fill-in---$15.00

Acrylics/White or color Tips---$25.00

Shellac & Gel Polish---$15.00


Welcome to Belladonna's, where your hair is pampered and treated by professional stylists in the making. Our services are worth the time and money, and once you experience what Belladonna"s has to offer, you'll dump your box dye in the trash, put your scissors in the drawer and keep coming' back!

Hours of Operation

Tuesday - Friday  10:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Our spa parties are great for Princesses of All ages and any Occasion

Appointments appreciated--Walk-ins always welcome

364 Revere St.

Kingsport, TN  37660

​Phone: 423-230-4247

Please call to make appointments for the

Princess Spa Packages



​Princess Spa Packages

​Mini Princess Package:

◊  Mani/Pedi with nail art (2 nails or 2 toes)

$18.00 Per Person

Party Fee: $50.00

Cancellation Fee: $50.00

Glamour Package:

◊  Mani/Pedi with nail art (2 nails or 2 toes)

◊  Hairstyle

$25.00 Per Person

Party Fee $75.00

Cancellation Fee $50.00

Queen For A Day:

◊   Man/Pedi with paraffin wax and nail art

(2 nails or 2 toes)

◊   Facial w/Mask

 ◊   ​Hairstyle

$58.00 Per Person

Party Fee $85.00

Cancellation Fee $50.00