Cosmetology entails learning the art of cutting, curling, coloring and designing the hair as well as caring for the skin and nails in both practical and theory classes. These classes may be completed in 1500 clock hours, approximately 43 weeks @ 37.5 hours per week, 57 weeks for part time@27.5 hours a week. Upon completion of the 1,500 clock hours and a passing grade of 70% on senior board exams, the student may then take the state boards examination for his/her licensure. This license will enable the cosmetologist to provide beauty services for both men and women.

Possible cosmetology career paths include: Stylist, colorist, perm wave specialist, platform artist, industry rep/educator, salon owner/manager, retail/wholesale sales, and instructor.


A BellaDonna’s Academy of Cosmetology Education offers you more than just the technical and practical knowledge that you need to succeed and gain licensure. It will take you even further by instructing you to effectively and professionally interact with your clients and ultimately building your own client base. You will work with clientele and retail in a salon-like environment to become exceptionally prepared for the salon and beyond.

Hours of Operation

Tuesday - Friday  10:00 AM - 4:30 PM

364 Revere St.

Kingsport, TN  37660

​Phone: 423-230-4247


Instructor Training has as its objective the presentation of the skills necessary to teach cosmetology, aesthetics and manicuring courses. In order to enroll in this 300-hour course, the applicant must be licensed as a cosmetologist, manicurist or esthetician in the State of Tennessee and have a High School Diploma or GED. This course may be completed in as little as 2 months @ 37.5 hours per week and will enable the graduate to teach in a cosmetology facility after  taking the Tennessee theory and practical examination for certification, must pass the exam with a score of 70% or better, and then will have earned the Tennessee Instructor License. An instructor trainee may train in manicuring, cosmetology or esthetics with an applicable license.